It is common knowledge that the health situation in Haiti is alarming and the lack of genuine care policy or infrastructure leaves little hope.<

In an attempt to understand the situation, some figures: maternal mortality is 40% higher than it is in Canada or other countries of the continent.
2.2% of the population is infected with the AIDS virus, and the rate of pregnant women with the virus is 3.3%. These are the highest rates in the region.

Life expectancy in this country does not exceed 60 years.
The health situation in Haiti is one of the most complex, most degrading, and less structured in the world.
Access to health care such as to education as being paid only a small minority can be treated in some hospitals in large cities.
In villages, there is no place where Haitians can be treated. It is necessary often walk for miles before reaching the first hospital; this explains why the villagers chose to give up most of care.
There are special needs for this population for communicable diseases and sexually transmitted infections, heart problems as well as obesity and cancer. It is also a strong demand for medical equipment, finding simple gauze is often a challenge.

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