Sick with cholera

Following the disastrous sanitary conditions caused by the earthquake, Vibrio cholera has made his first victim in Haiti in early October 2010, which had not happened for a century.
According to the latest government statistics, this bacteria has already killed nearly 5,000 people, hospitalized 140 000 and 251 000 others received in hospitals, clinics and CTC cholera treatment centers (see the official report to 04/29/11).

We are seeing for over a month a new rise of cholera in Haiti, according to specialists due to the arrival of the hurricane season and heavy rains.

Despite the alarming increase of cholera in the country, we see a real scare to declare themselves contaminated with the bacteria: people with symptoms will discretely be treated in the CTC afraid of being seen as pariahs.

* Jean – a member of the support staff of a school of Carrefour – went to a referral hospital without telling in advance to his superiors. On his return, he just said to colleagues who were concerned about his absence that he was not feeling very well, without making any reference to cholera.

300 is the number of ambulances for transporting patients in the CTC. In Martissant, south-west of the capital, a girl with symptoms of the disease was the 300th to be taken to CTC.,. Once returned home after being sent urgently to a health facility, she was decked out in the ironically nicknamed “300″.

Two examples among many that show how Haitians fear and are victims of rejection and stigmatization reserved to holders of cholera.

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