Our goal

Over the years, Haitians have watched their country continue to spiral downwards in all aspects of daily life.

The current situation is distressing whether in the areas of farming, education, or health.

Access to drinking water is dramatically restricted. Infrastructures have suffered horribly from the natural disasters. The remaining roads and pipelines are in deplorable condition. Communications have been made very difficult, particularly due to limited access to the Internet.

In the past, living in Haiti was challenging; after the recent multiple natural disasters, the sanity problems occurred over these last two years, and the situation is now alarming !
The population is constantly uncertain about its future. How to assure the future of a man’s family when it is a struggle for anything fundamental in anybody’s life like trying to find work, a house to live in, and enough food to eat.

The New Haiti association wishes to bring its contribution to the reconstruction of Haiti:

  • A Haiti country where the access to education is no longer a luxury reserved only to a few privileged people, but equally to the children of the shanty towns, which have been ignored by all (medias).
  • A Haiti country, where it is possible to receive training/and develop skills to ensure the future of one’s family.
  • A Haiti country where the farmers will be able to cultivate their own land with ample irrigation for a good harvest.

Our first mission is to eliminate illiteracy amongst poor children who will no longer have to beg to provide for themselves – The blight of the famine affects three quarters of the population.
We wish to offer trade skills to young people, and to offer them entertainment attractions, which are sorely lacking in Haiti.
New Haiti will have fulfilled its objectives when:

  • A child will be able to go to school and do his homework in the light because he has electricity.
  • A young Haitian will choose to stay and work in his country after completing his education.
  • The elderly will have access to quality health care.
  • A farmer will have the necessary equipment to feed his family and his fellow-countrymen.
  • At night, electricity brings new life to the cities and shanty towns of Haiti.

As you can see, it will be a long process. We seek your help to accomplish it.

Association New Haïti

3, Clos des Lilas
95400 Arnouvillle
email : asso <chez> new-haiti.org